The National Health (1973)
The National Health is a dark comedy aimed squarely at the inadequacies of the British National Health Service. Made in 1973, the film is set in a shabby Victorian hospital which is due for demolition, where the staff are overworked and the conditions appalling for both them and the patients. Interwoven with the grittiness of the real ward is the bright, shiny and spotless world portrayed on the ward's only TV set where, in countless cliff-hanging episodes of the soap opera
Nurse Norton's Affair
, there are no suffering patients, just an immaculate cast of doctors and nurses

Based on a West End stage play by Peter Nichols, this is a funny, moving and uncompromising film which brilliantly walks the tightrope between comedy and protest against the system.
                                                           (taken from the video sleevenotes)

The video has long since been deleted, I managed to track down a copy on E-Bay.


Link: The IMDB's entry for The National Health.