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Updated on: April 10, 2018
This site is dedicated to those hardworking and underpaid Angels of  Mercy who, over the years, have made a stay in hospital that much more bearable. It's a growing collection of  images of  Nurses taken from  Film, TV and The Media from the 1930s to the present, showing how uniform styles have changed over the years.

The Nursing profession has a long and glorious uniform tradition, which is daily being eroded by more and more Hospitals and NHS Trusts dressing their Nurses in polo shirts and scrubs, often leading to Nurses becoming indistinguishable from cleaners and domestic staff. I find this a tragedy, as a traditional uniform is smart, enables the Nurse to be easily identified by patients and public and gives the Nurse a certain dignity that you just cannot get from a polo shirt. 

I intend to update this site from time to time, and if you have any images of  Nurses that you'd like to see here, then please send them to me and I'll put them in. I'm not interested in pornographic images, 'Naughty Nurses' or cross-dressers, only those showing these dedicated women in the uniforms of their profession.

Also, if there are any retired Nurses out there who would like to share their memories of their days in the profession, please get in touch.


Words of Wisdom - My thoughts on the way Nurses have been depicted in the media over the years. 
Tippets to Scrubs - Phil's History of Nurses Uniforms, cross-referenced with many of the images on this site. 
Suppliers Index  - A list of the UK's major Nurses Uniform suppliers. 
Martha's Letter - Martha is a retired Nurse from Hong Kong. She's sent me her thoughts on the various uniforms she's worn during her career, and the reactions they have produced from men. No pictures, unfortunately, but it's nice to get a Nurse's perspective. 
Conversation with Nurse 'S' - Phil has been corresponding with Nurse 'S' who gives her thoughts on all things uniform. 
Penny's Page - Everything you ever wanted to know about the 'Newcastle' dress. 
Becky's Article - A different angle on the development of  the Nurses Uniform. 
St.George's Hospital - Sarah's retrospective look at the uniforms worn there in the '80s. 
Guy's Hospital 80s/90s - Sarah's done it again, this time with a little help from her friends. 
King's College Hospital  Sarah looks back at the uniform she wore as a student. Includes the 1977 Uniform Regs. 
Letters Page  - Dresses or Tunics? The debate continues here..... 
The National Uniform  - Sarah's  history of the 1970s National uniform, and why it got its bad reputation. All-new pics. 
Paradise Lost - Paradise Regained? - Regular correspondants David & Dee discuss the arguements for and against scrubs and tunics replacing uniform dresses.
A Textbook for Midwives - Midwife training in Scotland in the1950s & 1960s, by Phil.
The White Dress  - Bob the Corgi  bemoans the demise of the traditional American Nurse's dress.
Italian Links   Regular contributer Duncan has compiled this list of Italian Uniform Suppliers.
Nurse Training in 1980s USA  A personal account by Sherry RN
Guy's Hospital Memories (New May 2009) Angela remembers the Queen's visit in the 1970s.
Memories of the London Hospital (New August 2009) Miriam remembers her training in the 1970s/80s.
Nursing in the Netherlands (New July 2011) Susan's memories as a Student Nurse in the 1970s-1980s.
Anita Harris iCarry On Doctor
Shirley Eaton in Carry On Nurse
Muriel Pavlow in Doctor in the House (DVD).
Lucy Akhurst in Longitude.
Joanne Whalley in The Singing Detective 
Masks and Gowns Updated regularly .
Kajira's German Catalogue Scans  
Twice Around the Daffodils 1962 Film vidcaps.
A Stitch in Time 1963 Film vidcaps. 
Nurses' Caps  Updated regularly
Doctor in Clover Vidcaps from the 1966 film.
Aussie Soap Nurses 
Madeline Hinde Vidcaps from 1971's The Fiend.
Japanese Nurses Styles from Japan's hospitals.
The White National 
Another White National 
Julie London Vidcaps from the pilot of  Emergency!
Georgia Mackenzie Staff Nurse Judy from BBC2's TLC.
The Royal Scans from the new TV series set in a '60s hospital.
My Family Vidcaps from a '70s flashback episode of this popular BBC comedy.
Great Ormond Street Hospital 1985 vidcaps from Paul.
Department S 1970s vidcaps from Renaud.
The Pictures (all pages open up in a new window)
Jaquie Piper in Carry On Matron 
Linda Hooks in Carry On Behind 
Shirley Anne Field in Alfie (DVD) and Doctor in Clover.
Debbie Ash in Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse 
Costume City  From Japan. Check them out.
Blast from the Past  1980s Catalogue scans.
Juliet Mills  in Nurse on Wheels 
Juliet Mills Again  in Twice Around the Daffodils
Emergency Ward 10 Vidcaps from the film of the classic TV series.
Kazia Pelka District Nurse Maggie from Heartbeat 
Barbara Bates  A Nurse from a 1956 British thriller. 
Dream Sisters  Scans from the 1992 German film, from Renaud.
QARNNS  Scans from the Navy's Dress Manual, from Pauline.
Doctor in Charge  Scans from the '70s TV series.
Alexandra Workwear Paul's Scans from the early 1990s, some of the styles are still very much in evidence today. 
On The Buses  Vidcaps from the 1973 series. 
Leave it to the Nurses Vidcaps from Japan's top Medical Soap.
The Royal London  Thumbnail scans from their 1967 Nurse Recruitment film. 
The National Health  Vidcaps from the 1973 black comedy.
The Student Nurses Vidcaps from the 1970 Roger Corman film, from Oliver.
Liz White  Vidcaps from the BBC series  Life on Mars.
Ackley Uniforms Link Directory A huge directory of  Uniform Manufacturers worldwide.
Angels A brief overview of the series, part of the Television Heaven site.
The Zwerdling Nursing Archive  Picture Postcards of the Nursing Profession 1893-2002.
Oldham School of Nursing Archive An excellent site, full of pictures and information.
St.Angela's  My tribute to the original Angels.
Cheddleton Memories  Memories of St. Edward's Hospital, Cheddleton, Staffordshire.
History of Nursing  New UK-based site.
History of Hospitals Sister site to History of Nursing.
Schools of Nursing UK-based site.
District Nursing 150 150 years of District Nursing in the UK. Thanks to Phil for the link.
This Is Total Essex  Essex nurses are returning to wearing caps. Thanks to Sarah for the link. 
Nursing Badges  Dedicated to the history and collecting of  badges and medals awarded to nurses, midwives and associated healthcare staff.
Anastasia, Florence Nightingale and I The true story of her mother, by Barbara Brooks Wallace,  award-winning author of many books for children.
Ladies in White (New May 2011) Pete Dowan is a disabled musician from Canada. His song, Ladies in White, is a tribute to the nurses he's met over the years.
Nursing Uniforms of the Past (New January 2012) A look at the history of US Nurses Uniforms. Thanks to Graeme.
Gateway Page Quick links to my latest updates.
The Little Nurse  Wartime memories of  Marjorie Penn, a nurse working in London during the Blitz.
Nursing Memorabilia An American Nurse's memories of her days in training.
Disclaimer Nurses Uniforms - Past & Present is a non-profit making internet resource created for the sole purpose of keeping a record of these fast-disappearing styles. All the pictures on this site have either been sent to me or taken from the public domain. If anyone has an objection to any pictures appearing, please let me know.  I do not deal in Nursing Uniforms, accessories or memorabilia.
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