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Midwife Training at the Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion, Edinburgh.
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The Maternity Hospital opened in 1879 as Edinburgh's first planned maternity hospital building, and was preceded by the General Lying in Hospital (1793) and its variously named successors. It was funded by a collection to commemorate Sir James Young Simpson's contribution to obstetrics. The first ante-natal clinic in Britain began there in 1915; and a post-natal clinic followed in 1926, the same year it amalgamated with the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion opened in 1939. From 1939 the "Simpson" was directly managed by the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh as one of its grouped hospitals and became part of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh National Health Service Trust in 1994. As a result of hospital re-organisation in 1999, it was placed in the Lothian University Hospitals NHS Trust.
The Simpson not only operated as a place to give birth but was a teaching hospital, research centre, did a lot of patient education both pre and post birth in terms of parentcraft classes, and acted as a base for Community District Midwives. There were also all the associated areas within the hospital like abortion, infertility clinics, cancer detection etc.  They were leaders in Midwifery practice.
  The pictures are from 2 textbooks called "A Textbook For Midwives" One is the 4th edition from 1961, the other is the 6th from 1968. It was first published in 1953. The author Margaret Myles SRN, SCM, HV Cert, MTD,  was the Principal Midwife Tutor at the Simpson, as well as being on the Scottish Central Midwives Board, hence the use of a lot of pictures from the Simpson. It was published in Edinburgh.