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TV706 & 707 Two vidcaps from the 1970s British film The National Health. I've managed to get hold of a copy of this long-deleted black comedy, so you can expect a full gallery within the next few weeks.
REAL2225 Australia, 1967.
REAL2158 Midwife, UK 2002.
REAL2228 Hong Kong, 2002.
Larger version
REAL2221 Colombia, 2000.

REAL2220 Care Home Nurse, UK 2003.
REAL2229 America, 1940s.
REAL2227 Japan 2003.
REAL2240 Dieticians, Japan 2003.
CAT577-579 Three American adverts from 1970.
REAL2226 Australian Army Nurse, WW2.
AD423 Found on the Net.
REAL2235 Kingston Hospital, 2003.
REAL2237 Dental Nurses, Japan 2003.
REAL2242 America, 1965.
REAL2230 Pharmacist, UK 2003. From Duncan.
REAL2243 Czech Nurses, 2003. From Duncan.