Page 229
REAL2159 Midwives, UK 2002.
AD424 Found on the Net.
REAL2138 The Royal Marsden Hospital, 2000.
REAL2162-2164 Thai Student Nurses demonstrating CPR.
REAL2180 Dental Nurses, Japan 2002.
REAL2186 Scottish Haemo Nurse, early '90s. From Graeme.
REAL2175 American nurses with something to celebrate about. From Renaud.
TV699 Scanned from the film
Princess Daisy
by Renaud.
REAL2145 & 2146 Singapore, 2001.
REAL2087 Japan, 2003.
CAT542 1970 Paul Jones advert.
CAT562 1962 Bob Evans advert.
REAL2173 Germany, 1964. From Duncan.
REAL2176 WAAF Nursing Sister, WW2. From Duncan.
REAL2094 & 2181 Japan, 2003.