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REAL2149 State Enrolled Nurses, St. Bart's Hospital 1979. From Raff.
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REAL2147 & 2148 The Royal Marsden Hospital, 1999.
REAL2080 & 2081 Practice Nurses, Japan 2003.
REAL2135 Japanese Dental staff, 2003.
AD409 & 410 Found on the Net.
REAL2092 More Japanese Dental Staff, 2003.
REAL2111 Japan, 2003.
AD421 Scanned from Nursing Times by Sarah.
REAL2155 Matron's inspection, 1930s.
AD422 Found on the Net.
REAL2132 Nurse, Ward Manager and Health Care Assistant, Hong Kong 2003,
REAL2139 Student Nurse, America 1975.
AD420 From a recruiting leaflet from South Derbyshire Hospital, scanned by Sarah.
CAT556-559 More 2003 Japanese styles from Whisel.