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REAL2060 & 2061 The 'National'  as worn here by nurses from Barnet General Hospital, sometime in the 1980s.
AD411 & 415 Found on the Net.
REAL2012 From a '70s nursing mag, from Michelle.
Larger version
REAL2029 America, 1950s.
REAL2047 Great Ormond St. Childrens Hospital, 2002.
REAL2063 UK, 2003.
AD407 & 408 Found on the Net.
REAL2054 America, 1950s. From Duncan.
REAL2058 America, 1964.
CAT543 & 544 2003 styles from Simon Jersey. Contact details on my Suppliers Page.
REAL2067 & 2076 Japan, 2002.
TV680-683 Scans from the Carry On Regardless DVD, from Anasarca.