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REAL2030 Oldham School of Nursing, 1963.
REAL2044 Holland, 1964. From Cees.
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AD404 Scanned from Nursing Standard by Sarah.
AD405 & 406  UK Care Home nurse.
REAL2035-2037 Sue Ryder Hospice nurses, UK 2000.
REAL2042 Bed-making at Moorfields Eye Hospital, UK 2002.
REAL2049 Staff Nurse, UK 2002. From Paul.
REAL2055 Sister from Hartfield Hospital, 2000. from Phil.
REAL2053 American nurse, 1960s. From Duncan.
REAL2056 UK, 1940s.
TV679 Currently Matron in The Royal, here's Wendy Craig in 1982 as The Nanny.
REAL2046 Costa Rica, 2001.
REAL2023 Student nurse, UK 1940.
REAL2024 America, 2002.
REAL2059 Hawaii, 1970s.