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Nurses in Film & TV.
TV663-666 Four scans of Staff Nurse Meryl Taylor, played by Zoe Kennedy,  from The Royal,  the spinoff from  Heartbeat which starts on ITV1 on Sunday 19 January.  Thanks to Phil and Graeme.
TV659 A publicity shot from '70s sitcom Doctor at Large.
TV660 Staff Nurse Jill Browne from '60s classic Emergency Ward 10.
TV661 & 662 Nastassja Kinski as a WWII nurse in some made-for-TV film, from Graeme.
TV667-670 Scans from the DVD of the 1982 film Britannia Hospital, from Anasarca. Singer/actress Marsha Hunt is the nurse...
TV671 & 672 ...and Patricia Healey is the Sister.
TV673 & 674 From an episode of The Saint, from Renaud.
TV675 & 676 Another nurse from The Saint. from Renaud.
TV677 & 678 1960s Irish nurse from the film Agnes Browne. From Renaud.