Page 213.
AD397 Early '70s paperback cover.
REAL1964 Marie Curie nurse, 2002. From Sarah.
REAL1966 Dental nurse, Japan 2002.
REAL1970 Japan 2002.
REAL1947 More Addenbrooks staff, from Sarah.
REAL1949 & 1950 Marie Curie nurse, 1999.
REAL1952 & 1953 America, 1940s.
REAL1962 Canada, WW2.
TV648-650 The then-popular vocal group All Saints made a film called Honest back in 2000. One of them played a nurse.  Here's some scans from Renaud.
REAL1957 Japan 2002.
REAL1967 L'Ecole Florence Nightingale, class of 1971.
REAL1968  Staff  Nurse, Leeds, 1950.
REAL1969 Student  Nurse, UK 1933.