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REAL1943-1946 Nurses from Addenbrook's Hospital, 2002, from Sarah. L-R are a Junior Sister, Senior Sister and Staff Nurses.
CAT512-514 More new Japanese styles from Ap-Ron 2000.
CAT515 Nagai Leben, 2000..
TV646 & 647 Shelley Long from M*A*S*H spinoff,
Trapper John, MD.
From Paul.
REAL1954 America, 1940s.
REAL1958 America, 1939.
REAL1951 UK, 2002.
REAL1963 A retired American nurse in 2000 wearing the 1959 uniform she graduated in.
REAL1960 & 1961 US Navy nurses, Vietnam 1968. From Paul.
REAL1916 & 1917 Japan 2002.
REAL1955 Dental nurse, Japan 2002.