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CAT498-501 Four scans from the 1999 Baird catalogue.  Another company that's no longer with us.
REAL1878 Columbia School of Nursing, 1950s.
REAL1879 Somewhere in the UK, 1964.
Hi-res version
Larger version
REAL1868 & 1869 Two more late '80s pics from Mary.
REAL1880 Student Midwife, 1980s.
REAL1818 Japan, 2001.
REAL1871 Japan, 2002.
REAL1882 & 1883 Students from the Oldham School of Nursing, 1960s.
REAL1896 America, 2002..
REAL1881 An illustration from a 1956 Nursing textbook.
REAL1894 American Graduation picture, 1970s.