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Page 202
CAT487-490 Uniforms from Italy, 2002. From Duncan.
REAL1710 Japan 2001.
REAL1740 Midwives, 1989. From Mary.
REAL1766 Paediatric nurse, 1989. From Mary.
REAL1791 From Sarah's collection.
REAL1808 & 1809 Korea, 1999.
REAL1826 District nurses, 2002.
REAL1827 & 1828 Practice nurses, 2002.
TV635-638 Four new scans of singer-turned-actress Julie London from Emergency, sent by Michael. The show ran for some years in the USA; but as far as I know, never got a network showing in the UK.
REAL1830 St.John's Ambulance Brigade, 1951. From Paul.
REAL1831 Student nurses, New Zealand 1950s. From Paul.