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REAL1795-1798 Korean Student nurses from 1999.
REAL1823 Japan 2002.
CAT484 Boyd-Cooper early  '90s catalogue scan. From Sarah.
Larger version
REAL1765 & 1799 Two 1988 pics from Mary, showing a Private Sector nurse and the plain version of the National.
REAL1781 UK, 1951.
REAL1780, 1792, 1824 & 1825 A selection of Practice Nurses, UK 2002.
REAL1708, 1709 & 1785 Japan, 2002.
REAL1801, 1802 & 1805 An interesting variety of headgear worn by these Australian nurses from the '40s, '50s and '60s. From Sue.
REAL1723 An unusual combination of tippetts and trousers, Munster 2000. From Phil.
REAL1829 America, 1961.