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Page 199
AD386 & 387 Garroulds version of the National , these pics accompanied Nursing Times articles in 1988/1990. From Mary.
REAL1764 Staff nurse, 1988. From Mary.
REAL1755 America, 1970s.
REAL1768 & 1769 Nurse training, 1960s.
TV631 The cast of Nurse3, a popular Japanese medical soap.
REAL1758 Midwife, Japan 2002.
REAL1738 Staff nurses, 1988. From Mary.
REAL1756 Cadet nurses, America 1943.
REAL1729, 1749 & 1750 Japan, 2002.
REAL1691 Veterinary nurse, UK 2002.
REAL1761 UK, 1976.
REAL1776 Staff nurse, Radcliff Infirmary 1991. From Sarah.
AD379 Hospital advert, Japan 2002.
REAL1777-1779 Veterinary nurses, UK 2002.
REAL1762 British nurse, Guernsey 1946. From Duncan.