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REAL 1751-1754 Four views of the National , 1988/89. From Mary.
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REAL1746 American Cadet Nurse, 1943.
REAL1747 America, 1957.
REAL1748 St.Thomas's Hospital, 1941.
CAT477 America, 1970.
REAL1701 Japan, 2002.
REAL1731 & 1732 Dental Surgery staff, Japan 2002.
REAL1714 & 1715 Class pictures from Florissant Valley Community College, America, 1972 & 1973.
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AD381-383 A selection of 1970s UK paperback covers.
AD378 From a Japanese clinic website, 2002.
REAL1722 Vigil-keeping Student Nurses, Galway, Ireland, 2000.
REAL1744 Mexico, 1970.
AD384 Recruiting poster, America, WWII.