Page 195
REAL1687-1690 Veterinary Nurses, UK 2002.
REAL1717 & 1718 Italian Red Cross Nurses, 2002. From Duncan.
AD380 Found for sale on Ebay.
REAL1644 Japan, 2002.
REAL1663 USA, 1960s.
REAL1669 USA, 1948.
REAL1734 Japan, 2002.
REAL1680-1683 This week's selection from Mary. All are from 1988/89, 1681 & 1682 are from The Lister Hospital.
REAL1725 UK School Nurse, 2001.
REAL1667 Japan, 2002.
REAL1674 America, 1960.
REAL1693 & 1694 Australian Nurses from the early '70s. From Sue.
REAL1704 Dental Nurse, Japan 2002.
REAL1686 American Nurses, WWII. From Paul.
REAL1698 Student Nurses, Japan 2002.
TV624 Julie London from Emergency. From Paul.