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Page 194
REAL1677-1679 Three more pics from Nursing Times, 1988/89. From  MaryReal 1679 shows the stone version of the 'National'.
REAL1695-1697 Nurses from Denmark, 1950s/60s. From Anita.
REAL1670 Student Nurses, Japan, 2002.
REAL1676 Student Nurses, UK, 1987.
Larger version
AD371-374 Australian office girls dressed as nurses, 1962. Possibly as part of a recruitment campaign? From Sue.
REAL1619, 1620 & 1706 Three from Japan, 2002.
AD369,  375-377 Generic images Found on the Web.
REAL1660 Even more South American nurses, 1982.
REAL1589 Sheffield Childrens' Hospital, 1960s.
REAL1621 & 1622 We end this week on a musical note with this Japanese Nurse choir from 2001.