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Page 193
REAL1611 1969.
And we end this week's offering with some portraits of American Nurses.
REAL1612 1948.
REAL1613 1970s.
REAL1664 1984.
AD365 This nurse was advertising
Angels Shoes
back in 1989. From Mary.
REAL1654 & 1655 Nurses at a careers fair, 2002. From Paul.
REAL1662 UK, 2001.
REAL1661 South American Nurses in a tree in France, 1982.
REAL1672 Argentina, 2002.
REAL1668 Australia, 1967. From Sue.
AD366 & 368 Two scans from a 1988 issue of Nursing Times. From Mary.
Larger version
REAL1665 Japan, 2002.
Larger version
REAL1675 UK, 2002.
REAL1617 & 1618 Dental Nurses, Japan 2002.
REAL1658 America, 1950s. From Paul.
REAL1627 Japan, 2002. From Paul.
REAL1645 Hong Kong, 2002.