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Page 191
REAL1646 The 'Newcastle' from a 1985 kids' book.
REAL1647 & 1648 Here's two more 'Newcastles', from South Tees, 1988 and Hillingdon Hospital , 1986. Sent by Mary.
REAL1609 Australian student nurses wearing something similar in 1973. From Sue.
REAL1607 & 1608 Staying with 'Newcastle' style uniforms, here's two more of the Mexican nurse working in France, 1982.
REAL1616 & 1643 Two from Japan, 2002.
REAL1636-1639 Various UK nurses, Found on the Web.
TV626 Nerys Hughes as The District Nurse, an early 80s series set in the 30s. From Paul.
REAL1556 Marching Red Cross nurses, WW2.
REAL1567 Japan, 2002.
REAL1629 UK, 1960s.
REAL1656 Nurse training, UK 1950s. From Paul.
REAL1657 Cadet Nurses, America 1945. From Paul.
CAT466-468 New uniforms from Japan, 2002. Manufacturers unknown (unless you can read Japanese, that is).
REAL1599 Student Nurses, America 1950.