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Page 188
CAT463 & 464 Two 1980s American catalogue scans, from Paul.
REAL1575 Probationer nurse, America, 1945.
REAL1576 America, 1950s.
REAL1577 Australia, 1976. From Sue.
REAL1553 & 1554 Sometime in the 1960s, I think.
REAL1537 Lunch break, Japan 2002.
TV615 & 616 I found these up for auction on EBay.
TV618 One of the nurses from
Emergency Ward 10
REAL1482 Red Cross nurse, WWII.
REAL1578 Found on the Web.
CAT462 Korea, 2002.
CAT465 USA, 1980s. From Paul.
REAL1566 & 1568 Two from Japan, 2002.
AD361 Japanese Dental nurses, 2002.
REAL1591 Practice nurses, Japan 2002.