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Page 187
REAL1551 Private Sector Nurse, 1982.
Larger version
REAL1552 UK, 1988.
REAL1558 RAF Nurses, from
Nursing Times
. Sent by Sarah.
REAL1536 Japan, 2002.
REAL1562-1565 Here's an Australian  nurse from 1971 who looks really happy in her work. Thanks to Sue.
REAL1525,1569 & 1572 Here's some Japanese group shots.
REAL1557 Staff from St.George's Hospital, Tooting, 1950s.
TV599 The nurse from the Tony Hancock 'Blood Donor' sketch.
REAL1541 UK, 1960s.
REAL1573 Australia, 2002. From Duncan.
REAL1574 Italy, 2002. From Paul.
REAL1495 & 1500 Two more from Japan, 2002.