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Page 183
REAL1488& 1489 Hong Kong Student Nurses, 1960s.
REAL1471 Nurses from the Order of St.John, Canada, 1962.
AD356 Comes from an old HFC Healthcare brochure. From Paul.
AD351 & 352 Found on the Web.
REAL1491 Hong Kong, 1992.
AD355 From a German poster for Carry On Nurse.
REAL1424 & 1429 UK Practice Nurses, 2001.
REAL1520 Nurses at Westminster Abbey for this year's Procession of the Lamp. From Sarah.
REAL1506-1508 More Japanese Nurse Tutors, 2002.
REAL1501 & 1513 Japan, 2002
REAL1493 Thailand, 2000.