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REAL1435 The Radcliffe Infirmary, 1992. From Sarah.
Larger version
REAL1428 Practice Nurses, from Renaud.
REAL1377 Found on the Web.
CAT447 The cover from a '40s American uniform catalogue.
CAT448 & 449 Italian nurses uniforms, from Duncan.
REAL1436 Another version of the National.
Larger version
REAL1447, 1449 & 1451 More of Paul's American pics.
REAL1464 & 1465 Spanish nurse and her mentor, from the News.
REAL1442 Care Home nurse, 2001.
REAL1388 Tasmania, 2001.
REAL1411 America, 2000.
REAL1422 From a recent Nursing Standard.
REAL1441 Australia, 2002.
AD349 Nurse from an Australian advert.