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ANG77 Here's the hardback cover from 'Angels - Duty Calls'.
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REAL1375 & 1379 From the Hatherwood Hospital fete, 1988. Someone's not exactly enjoying herself.
REAL1376 Found on the Web.
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TV602-604 Three more pics of  Lesley Judd at Bart's, 1973.
REAL1363 Found on the Web.
REAL1383 & 1386 Two from Japan, 2001
REAL1385 Thailand, 1999.
REAL1380-1382 Staff from the Oncology Dept., University of Bristol, 2002.
REAL1395 & 1396 Practice Nurse and Chiropodist, 2002.
REAL1364 Korea, 2000.
REAL1370 Nurses rally, late 1990s.