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Page 174
REAL1374 Somewhere in the UK, '60s or '70s.
CAT444 & 445 Two scans from the new Stott website. Details on the Suppliers Page.
TV601 Blue Peter presenter
Lesley Judd
as a student at Bart's, from the Blue Peter 10th Book, 1973.
AD338 From Japan, Found on the Web.
REAL1369 Midwives, 2002. From Paul.
REAL1371 Japan, 2001.
AD347 Cover from a '70s paperback.
ANG76 From the cover of
Angels - Duty Calls
, a 1979 tie-in paperback.
TV600 Lesley Judd meets her fellow nurses. I've just bought the Blue Peter 10th Book, so there'll be more of Lesley to come on future updates.
REAL1356 Japan, 2001
REAL1349 From City Hospital.