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REAL1365 & 1366 Two Staff Nurses from Charing Cross Hospital, wearing the uniform introduced in 1988. From Sarah.
AD345 Found on the Web.
REAL1342 Hong Kong, 2001.
REAL1355 American Nursing Graduate, 1950s.
REAL1362 The 'National', 1978.
REAL1339 Japanese Red Cross nurses, 2001.
REAL1354 Guys & St.Thomas's Hospital, 2002. From City Hospital.
REAL1319 Japan, 2001.
REAL1367 Addenbrook's Hospital, 2001.
REAL1368 Spain, 1951. From
AD346 Japan, 2002.
REAL1287 Japan, 2001.
REAL1325 Thailand, 2001.
AD339 Found on the Web.
CAT433 From Work in Style. Check them out on the Suppliers Page.
REAL1351 Veterinary nurse, 2002.