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Larger version
AD344  From a 1970s book cover. I've blanked out the bloke in the dodgy suit; but he can be seen in the larger version.
AD341 'Climbing the career ladder'.
sent me this picture, which accompanied an article in an old
Nursing Times.
REAL1327 Spanish-American nurse from 1944. Sent in by
REAL1348 Graduating nurses, America 1960s.
REAL1338 America, Class of  '42.
Larger version
REAL1329 America, 1970s.
REAL1323 Thailand, 2001.
CAT429-432 Images of  WHIsEL uniforms being worn by real nurses, from the Costume City site.
REAL1352 America, 1960s.
REAL1350 Thoughtful nurse from City Hospital.
REAL1318 & 1360 Two pics from Japan. 2001.
REAL1359 Modern-day Matrons, sent by Sarah.
REAL1294 & 1361 Two more from Japan, 2001.