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REAL1327 School Nurse, USA 1940s.
REAL1332 1960s nurse. From Sarah.
REAL1340 Childrens' ward, 1953.
REAL1341 Germany, 1964.
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REAL1335-1337 Japan, 2001.
REAL1345 & 1346 Staff Nurse from Guy's & St.Thomas', 2002. Scanned from City Hospital.
AD342 & 343 German nurse, from Renaud.
REAL1312 Japan, 2001.
REAL1358 Found on the Web.
AD340 & REAL1353 Found on the Web.
REAL1342 1980s Student Nurses, from Sarah.
REAL1331 America, 1978.
REAL1334 Thailand, 1990s.
REAL1314 Japan, 2002.