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REAL1275 1990s Nurses, hospital unknown. From Sarah.
REAL1255 America, 2000.
REAL1236 & 1237 Marquette University, USA, 1970s.
CAT385, 391, 392, 393 & 398 This week's offering from the Nagai Leben 2002 collection.
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REAL1253 Found on the Net.
REAL1245 UK civilian nurse, 1940s.
REAL1251 Central Middlesex Hospital, circa 1985.
REAL1282 America, 1990s.
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REAL1277 Japan, 2001.
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REAL1284 Japanese Red Cross nurses, 2001.
REAL1278 Royal Marsden Hospital, 2001.
REAL1262 America, 2001.
REAL1242 Found on the Net.
REAL1280 Japan, 2002.