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TV586 Nurse from
The Prisoner
AD325-327 Three uniforms from Columbia College of Nursing's centennial pages (see link on main page) from the 50s, 70s and 80s respectively.
REAL1248 Here's the '70s uniform being worn for real.
TV591-593 Three more of Elizabeth Day from Porridge.
REAL1232 Marquette University, USA, 1980s.
AD325 Japanese advert, 2001. From Paul.
REAL1242 & 1243 Moorfields Eye Hospital, 2001.
REAL1246 Found on the Web. Looks like the old Royal London Hospital uniform.
REAL1206 Found on the Web.
REAL1198 Nurses and friends from 1969.
REAL1244 Japan, 2001.
REAL1247 Capping ceremony, America 1970s. From Duncan.