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Page 160
REAL1216 The 'National', Found on the Web.
REAL1190 Found on the Web.
TV584 & 585 Two more from Renaud. These are from Ken Loach's 1972 film Family Life.
REAL1195 Staff Nurse from the Royal Ear Hospital, 1988.
REAL1187 & 1197  Japan, 2001.
REAL1207 & 1219 America, 2001. Nice to see that some hospitals haven't yet succumbed to scrubs
REAL1208 Japan, 2001.
REAL1212 Hong Kong, 2001.
REAL1202 & 1205 Two from America, 1950s.
REAL1203 America, 1970s.
REAL1209 & 1125 Japan, 2001.
REAL1217 Maternity Nurses from Hong Kong, 2001.