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Page 159
REAL1183 WW2 Canadian Nursing Sisters in dress uniform.
REAL1182 American Student Nurses, 1989.
REAL1168 Japan, 2000.
REAL1158, 1174 & 1091 Three more groups from Japan, 200/2001.
REAL1180 Probationer Nurses, America 1944.
REAL1181 Nurses' choir, America 1950.
AD316 Recruitment campaign, 1940s.
REAL1184 Sister and Matron, 1948.
REAL1196 1960s Nanny.
REAL1103 Army Nurses, WW2.
TV570 & 571 Two more of Renaud's
scans from
The Avengers.
TV578-580 Three scans from classic '50s horror film
The Quatermass Experiment
. Sent by Mike.