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REAL1095* & 1096* Japan, 2001. Looks like the uniforms are by Nagai Leben.
REAL1051 Japan, 2000.
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REAL1097 Nurses from the Royal Marsden at Westminster Abbey for the Ceremony of the Lamp, 2001.
REAL1078 Bart's Hospital, 1970s.
AD307 Found on the Net.
TV551-554 This Nurse appeared in an episode of The Avengers from the late 1960s. Scanned by Mike.
AD309 Found on the Net.
REAL1106 Newly-qualified Nurses, 1970s.
REAL1109 Windswept Red Cross Nurses, WWII.
AD296 Found on the Net.
REAL1102 America, 1950s.
REAL1107 Somewhere in the UK, early '50s.